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University of Pittsburgh


In 2018, the East Asian Library of the University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS) proposed the Contemporary Chinese Village Gazetteer Data (CCVG Data) project, with the goal of creating an open dataset consisting of data selected from the ULS collection of Chinese village gazetteers. Village gazetteers record statistical data on individual villages, covering the years from 1949 to the present showing the history and development of Chinese villages (the village is the most basic administrative unit in China). The CCVG Data project, the first of its kind, offers scholars a dataset based on the ULS East Asian Library’s growing collection of Chinese village gazetteers, which currently numbers over 2,700.

Since the project aims to represent as much of China as possible, gazetteers were chosen for inclusion based on the goal of representing each of China’s provinces, if possible. Within each province, gazetteers are chosen for inclusion at random. It should be noted that the availability of village gazetteers varies by province.

To create the CCVG dataset, gazetteers were selected from the collection, demographic and economic data was collected from these volumes, and this data was extracted using a data entry platform designed by the ULS. The resulting dataset is published on this website for free download by scholars around the world. The current dataset covers 1,200 villages and was uploaded in May 2021. The project will continue extracting data from more gazetteers as time and resources allow with the goal of eventually reaching 2,500–3,000 village gazetteers.

The dataset containing information on 1,200 villages is available for download in .csv format. An interactive map with basic administrative information on each collected village is also included in the website. A database with tools of filtering, cross-searching, and visualizations is currently under design.

2018年,匹兹堡大学 (University of Pittsburgh) 图书馆系统(University Library System, ULS)的东亚图书馆 (East Asian Library) 启动了“当代中国村庄数据”(Contemporary Chinese Village Gazetteers Data, CCVG Data)项目,其目的是从ULS收藏的村志中提取数据,创建一个开放的、展现中国乡村历史和发展建设的数据集。“村”是中国最基础的行政单位,村志记录了中国村庄自1949年以来的基本数据,以表现中国村庄的历史和发展。目前,CCVG 数据是第一个含此类数据的项目,并帮助学者利用匹兹堡大学东亚图书馆的村志收藏(目前已经超过2,700种)。CCVG数据旨在尽可能反映中国各个省份村庄的发展情况,故在每个省份内随机选择村庄。需要指出的是各省份现可供村志的数量各异。创建CCVG 数据集,是从ULS收藏的村志中提取数据,输入ULS自行开发和设计的平台,并将数据集发布在CCVG数据网站上,供使用者免费下载。