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University of Pittsburgh

Datasets & Data Dictionary

There are 18 datasets included in CCVG Data:

  • Economy – Range
  • Economy – Yearly
  • Education – Range
  • Education – Yearly
  • Ethnic Groups – Range
  • Ethnic Groups - Yearly
  • Family Planning - Range
  • Family Planning – Yearly
  • Gazetteer Information
  • Last Names
  • Military, Politics and Management – Range
  • Military, Politics and Management - Yearly
  • Natural Disasters
  • Natural Environment
  • Population and Migration – Range
  • Population and Migration - Yearly
  • Village Information
  • Year of First Availability

CCVG data is bilingual (Chinese/English).

All datasets are available for free download.

A data dictionary is also available that documents the initial process of capturing and recording the data. (PDF file)